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The above described dog/puppy is in sound body and good health and free from communicable diseases, as far as it appears to the eye at the time of sale. The purchaser has the right to take the puppy/dog to the veterinarian of their choice, at their expense, within 48 hours. If the purchaser does not do this, they accept the puppy/dog "as is" at the time of sale.
Any life-threatening disorder must be verified, in writing, and notarized, by the veterinarian and presented to me within five days of the vet check along with an autopsy. Ear mites, worms and coccidia are not serious health problems if treated and are not covered by this warranty. The puppy will be replaced only if this disorder results in the loss of the puppy. Replacement to be breeders choice of stock on hand or expected litters. If the puppy is revaccinated before a three-week interval, this contract will be voided. Any evidence of neglect or abuse will also void this contract.                                                                              No Refunds
We reserve the right to have the puppy/dog examined by our veterinarian prior to any adjustments. Based on our vets findings, then, and only thenl will any adjustments be made. Seller does not guarantee adult size or color of pups.
The seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy/dog after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses, landlord's disapproval, people allergies or disagreement among household member regarding puppy/dog. No returns will be accepted once a puppy/dog has left the premises due to exposure of outside diseases, which in turn could jeopardize the health of the entire kennel.
Your new puppy should not be socialized until he/she has a series of puppy shots. This would include at least three puppy shots to protect against communicable disease. A record of shots and worming is included with each puppy.
If you are purchasing the puppy to have shipped to you I must have  confirmation from you stating that you agree to the health guarantee. 
I have read and agree to the above terms of this contract.

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Health Guarantee
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